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Do you want to start a blog on auto-pilot mode and earn money from it?

And you are here to know does it actually work?

You might have watched videos on YouTube and read articles about auto Blogging and now you are brainstorming…

Should I start an auto Blogging website?

Is autoblogging legal? Is it effective?

Most of the newbies in the blogging industry don’t have enough knowledge of how blogging works and how search engines like google interact with your content.

Unfortunately, there are tons of misinformation and products available on the auto blogging topics, creator of auto blogging tools such as plugins and software makes fake claims of extraordinary success.

Within a click, you will find tons of articles and videos on how to start an auto blog but there is nothing wrong with those blogs and videos because they are just supplying the demands of the market.

But how will you get to know if is it really worth starting an auto blogging site in 2022?

If you will not get your head into it and learn it by yourself you will never be able to find it.

In short, auto-blogging is a duplicate site that grabs content from another publisher’s site that is already indexed on the internet.

In this informative guide, I am going to show you why you should not use auto blogging and how it’s illegal and not worth it.

Before we dive deep into the guide let’s talk about the basics of auto blogging…

What is Autoblogging and How Does it Work?

As specified by name auto-blogging is a process of grabbing the content from other publisher’s sites and publish on your site with the help of automatic software and plugins.

There are tons of auto blogging software and WordPress plugins available in the market which automatically grab the content of someone’s RSS feed and publish it on your site.

As a new blogger, these ideas seem like a gold mine of online earning.

How beautiful it is to grab the content from a great source then place your own ads and include your own affiliate links then publish it on your site and start earning passive income at autopilot mode?

But if earning money from a blog is so easy then why not everyone is doing it?

Actually, it’s not like how blogging and the online marketing world work, you can’t copy someone else content.

Search engines, ad networks, and even affiliate programs have policies which don’t allow you to use someone else content on your blog.

Is Autoblogging Effective?

Let me answer you straight, auto-blogging is just a scam and it has no value on the internet.

Because it grabs content from the pages that are already published, crawled, and indexed by Google and due to Google’s content policies you can’t publish scarped, copied, and duplicate content.

If you do so Google will never index your content in its database.

If your blog won’t be indexed, it won’t appear in the google search results, however, it will always be accessible via URL anytime as long as it’s available on your website.

Google is getting smarter than before and it continually launches algorithms and keep rolling out new updates to make it better for searchers.

Google doesn’t want to live any stone unturned in serving its visitors and it’s smart enough to identify duplicate content and penalized it.

So in order to get success in your blogging journey, you have to create high-quality and user-engaging content that comes from practice and knowledge on your niche.

5 Reasons Why You Should NEVER Engage in Auto Blogging.

1. Auto Blogging is Illegal

Grabbing the content of someone else site and publishing it as your own is theft.

Most blogs and big publishers’ site has this kind of DMCA notice on their site, it’s a declaration of their content privacy.

It means you can’t copy and republish the content of someone else site without their permission.

2. Auto Blogging Creates Duplicate Content

Google webspam head matt Cutt stated in this post that, “we are evaluating on multiple changes that reduce the spam score especially for quality policies, we are working on to haunt the sites that publish duplicate content by copying it from someone else site.”

Hence it is clear by the report, if your content is duplicate there is no chance for you to get success.

3. The Automated Blog Will be Penalized by Search Engine

Google rank the content based on its quality and spun content comes under the lowest so there is no chance for your blog to rank on google and generate organic traffic directly from search engine.

4. You Won’t Build a Brand or Reputation

When someone starts a blog they aim to build a brand under their niche but auto blogging makes it impossible for you’re to establish your authority.

If you are going to make your blog a brand, you can’t do it without adding your own thoughts in the form of great consumable content.

Grabbing the content from someone else site will ruin your reputation because you will have to link back it to original publishers and when visitors will find you have nothing to share on your own they are not going to remember your blog or visit it again.

5. Autoblogging is a Waste of Money

Buying and investing in auto blogging software and plugins is totally a waste of money as you will hardly be able to earn a single dollar in a whole month.

You might have seen the videos and read the articles on other blogs, those so-called blogging gurus will tell you stories of how they earned a few thousand dollar from a blog totally on automation mode.

I can sure, it’s probably because of two reasons, they want to you convince that you can start your blog right away and end up buying hosting and domain from their affiliate blog.

And when you start a blog you are probably going to buy that auto-blogging tool (whatever it is, web application and WordPress plugin) from their affiliate links and they are going to earn a heavy affiliate commission from the vendor’s site.

FAQs About Autoblogging

Where Can I Use Auto Blogging?

It is only worthy in two ways, either you are a non-profit organization and you want to share useful material with your community and visitors or your goal is not to be ranked on google and monetize your blog via an ad network like Google Adsense.

Auto-Blogging for a Non-Profit Organization, Charity, Community, or Offline Business

If you are running a non-profit organization and charity blog where people search your site with its name then you can use auto blogging to share the related posts with your visitors.

However, you still need permission from the publisher’s site to grab the content as it’s illegal to do without letting them know.

Affiliate Marketing via Direct Email Marketing

Bloggers often ask this question, “Can I do affiliate marketing with auto blogging?”

The answer is yes you can do affiliate marketing with auto blogging, but there is no chance to rank directly and drive organic traffic.

You can use auto-blogging to create blogs on landing pages that aren’t meant to be indexed in google search rather you send your page links directly via emails.

Where your audience will be reading useful information on particular niches and make their buying decision based on them.

if you are promoting affiliate products via emails you can use the auto-blogging feature to grab a product’s details, specifications, description, etc. from the vendor’s site and publish it on your blog that is not mean to index in google.

Note – if you choose to go this way, you should always seek the permission of site owners instead of just start stealing the content without knowing them.

After Getting AdSense Approval, Can We Do Autoblogging?

Let me answer this with my personal experience, as a newbie blogger I used to watch lots of YouTube channel and I found information like how you can automate your website with WP automatic plugins.

So I decided to create a website, in the start, I post 20 articles on my own and approved google Adsense after Adsense approval, I automated my website with WP automatic plugins and I submit my website to google news publisher, I get good traffic from Facebook and Twitter but after a month of good traffic, only 3$ revenue from Google Adsense.

After a lot of research, I found nothing, my website rank for no keywords because all articles are plagiarized. So I decided to spin the article and then try again with spin content but found lots of mistakes and it took too much time to check the whole article.

I just wasted my time and money in buying plugins but I got no result.

Does The Auto Blogging Website Get AdSense Approval?

No, Adsense’ policies are strictly against copying content from another site.

Here at The Blog Tip, we believe in transparency between our readers and we never try to sell anything until it’s beneficial for you instead of for the sake of our gain.


Auto-blogging is considered a duplicate website that copies content from other resources.

You should never go for it if your goal is to start a profitable, educational, or any kind of money making website.

If you can’t write your own content for your blog, you can hire a freelance writer and if you can’t afford it, you should practice some good content writing skills that will always help you in long term.

I hope now you got the answer, “is auto blogging legal?” if you still have any questions about auto-blogging in your mind, ask me in the comment section.

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